Ponsonby Wellness Centre - natural, drug-free healing

Dr Virginia Jin has 20 years' health experience in China and New Zealand and a Bachelor of Health Science in Chinese Medicine (New Zealand) to include acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine (TCM).

Dr Jin says people often ask why acupuncture can treat so many problems and says the TCM theory is:

1. When the human body becomes ill, it means the body has lost its yin yang balance, - creating a qi (life force), blood, body fluids and essence disorder.

2. The six main causes of illness are wind, cold, damp, heat, summer heat and dryness. Acupuncture can help the body to recover from and treat various symptoms such as chills, aversion to cold, body aches, greasy skin and bad body odour, arthritis, feeling heavy or bloating, high fever, restlessness, thirst, blurred vision and constipation, dry skin, dry stools and dark brown-coloured urine.

Dr Jin will carry out an initial consultation with each of her patients to diagnose the type of disorder they have; not only to treat the symptoms but also to find the cause. She uses the TCM method of tongue, pulse and, navel diagnosis and, depending on the outcome, each patient will have an individual treatment and follow up plan.

“Many people are scared of the needles,” says Dr Jin, “but I use fewer needles and there is no pain with my methods. I am confident that my experience using this alternative and natural, drug-free way of healing will help my patients recover quicker from their illness.”

Ponsonby Wellness Centre also has experienced massage therapist Fred Li at the clinic. Fred’s passion for massage started in China in 1996. However, over the past 10 years he has worked in South Africa, Europe and Australia. He knows the human body’s muscles well and can pick up its weak spots, even when you’re not aware of them. He targets blocked energy hidden in your muscles, joints and nerves.

Ponsonby Wellness Centre is an ACC approved Member of NZASA (New Zealand Acupuncture Standards Authority) and is a health insurance approved registered acupuncturist. The clinic is open seven days to suit most working people and has disability access.

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