Daphnes, the esteemed gastronomy destination nestled on Ponsonby Road, unveils its latest offering: Daphnes Morning Menu.

This delicious breakfast menu invites food enthusiasts to savour their Mediterranean-inspired cuisine from dawn till dusk.

Building upon their legacy of crafting unique and memorable breakfast experiences, Clare and Joost van den Berg, the visionaries behind Ponsonby's Zus and Zo, Takapuna's Zomer, and central Auckland's Hugos Bistro and Odettes Eatery, are once again poised to tantalise taste buds with their newest venture.

“Breakfast is where we began. It provides a lot of nostalgia to us. We have had a lot of requests from our gorgeous customers to create this vibe again in Ponsonby, and what a great space we have to do that, so we thought why not! We have the amazing Alfie Ingham back on board with us.

"We worked together at Hugos and we thought let’s create that magic again. Also, we are breakfast people. What is better than a great morning menu to start the day. We can’t wait to welcome everyone back again for morning, noon & night at Daphnes.” - Clare and Joost van den Berg, Founders and Owners, Daphnes.

Embracing the essence of a morning well spent, Daphnes' breakfast menu epitomises vibrancy, flavour, and simplicity. Under the guidance of the recently appointed Executive Chef, Alfie Ingham, renowned for his innovative reinterpretation of traditional dishes, guests can expect an array of palate-pleasing creations.

The Daphnes morning gastronomic journey includes mouthwatering dishes such as:

Egg and Cheese Milk Bun: A delightful blend of silky steamed Japanese-style omelette nestled within a softly toasted milk bun, adorned with rich mayonnaise and melting cheese, offering the perfect start to the day.

Taramasalata on Toast: A deeply savoury breakfast. Smooth and rich roe atop crunchy toast. Anchovies for a deep, salty hit of the sea, capers for brightness, crowned with a velvety soft-boiled egg.

Halloumi Fritters: An absolute crowd-pleaser, this will be everybody’s favourite. Featuring decadently melted halloumi encased in a crisp batter - see photo for this dish.

Additionally, Daphnes ensures that younger diners are catered to with delightful options including, a playful rendition of soft-boiled eggs and soldiers, the perennial favourite Toasted Brioche with chocolate sprinkles, and a Fairy Bread Milkshake.

Daphnes Morning Menu will be available from 7 am. every Wednesday to Friday, and from 8 am. on Saturdays and Sundays, commencing 11 April 2024.

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Published: April 2024