Letter to the Editor - Gen Sage must go...

Having attended the latest Waitematā Local Board meeting, I had the displeasure of seeing the Chair, Genevieve Sage, voting against the very team and mandate that she as a councillor was voted in on, namely Communities & Residents. (C&R)

The vote to yet waste more money to make Ponsonby Road ‘safer’ is now going ahead thanks to Gen Sage’s casting vote as Chair. By the way, with no empirical data to support that the proposed expenditure will actually achieve any additional safety. Ponsonby Road is already a 40km/hr zone.

Here’s an idea, if you want to make Ponsonby road safer, how about banning electric scooters and bicycles from the footpaths?

Included in this motion that the Chair endorsed with her casting vote, were the ‘Parnell and Newmarket Town Centre Safety projects’ and ‘any projects or programmes for Auckland Transport to review that are not supported by the local community’. Yes you’ve read that right: not supported by the local community.

So not only are AT and City Vision supporting overpriced Grey Lynn cycling projects that nobody asked for, but they are ignoring the democratic process and the Local Government Act that demands consultation. Furthermore, all this nonsense is going on during a cost of living crisis that we the ratepayers are expected to pay for.

We need to get rid of these duplicitous public officials who are running on their own ‘hidden agenda’ pontificating at any given moment with all their glib rhetoric.

My only question to the Waitematā Local Board is when is the next local board election?

We need to get rid of these people and ensure that these local board members are held to the mandate they are voted in on.

Shame on you Gen Sage.

Pete Mars, Concerned Ratepayers, Herne Bay

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Published: March 2024