Ponsy Kids Community Preschool is no more…

The preschool at the Ponsonby Community Centre has been called Ponsy Kids for 25+ years.

The name was cute in the 90s, a play on the name of the area and a way to stand out from the rest.

However, ‘Ponsy’ as a word does have some less than salubrious connotations… yes, ‘poncy’ is spelt differently but the meaning still confers itself when spoken aloud.

We have decided it’s time for a change. We want to emphasise the preschool’s origins of being community based and operated. We have farewelled the Ponsy Kids name, with affection and good memories, and rebranded as Ponsonby Community Preschool.

The advantages to being a community run preschool are huge, and all centred on providing the best care and education to our children.

Because we don’t run the preschool or community centre as a profit-making business, there is no economising to ensure we meet the year end targets for a massive corporate group. Any extra money we have becomes an opportunity to reinvest in improving the physical environs or grow our activities and programming for the community.

The preschool provides very experienced teachers and staff, many of whom have been with the organisation for over 15 years, as well all the best resources and learning experiences available. A full renovation of the playground occurred a few years ago and the top quality, brightly coloured environment is a firm favourite with our children. The indoor spaces are open plan, allowing children of all ages to play and experience together, which is known to be advantageous for socialisation and learning. Our resources are all lovingly cared for, replaced when broken and new toys, books and games are regularly added to the mix.

To celebrate our new name we will be offering 30 hours FREE to all new enrolments of 3-5-year-olds! An extra 10 hours free every week!

If you would like to come for a visit or get more information on Ponsonby Community Preschool, please email us at admin@ponsonbypreschool.org.nz or ring us on T: 09 376 0976.

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Published: March 2024