The Blinds Experience: The blinds are only part of it

As one of our customers recently shared, the blinds were only part of it.

"I knew I wanted to create a modern yet comfortable look for our new home.

"With no window furnishings, I knew I needed some blinds. However, I didn’t think about it much more than that – I wasn’t sure if I wanted verticals, Roman or rollers. So, when the team at The Blinds Experience suggested I take advantage of their free offer to meet with an Independent Interior Consultant, I said yes.

"Whilst I had seen in magazines and online those great home makeovers on a budget, how does that all come together? Who has the time to think of all the elements?

"The Blinds Experience booked me some time with Kylee from The Style House. She came to my house and found out what look and feel I liked, then we focused on the lounge, entrance and hallway. I learned so much about how to bring those elements ‘in the magazines’ together, on a very tight budget – a simple mirror placed in the right spot in the hallway to bounce light in, keeping my hallway simple and uncluttered with some sleek roller blinds, and other simple yet effective suggestions. I chose roller blinds in colour and texture that tones with the overall décor – but with just the right amount of contrast. The Blinds Experience team then came and fitted the blinds super quickly with no mess. The blinds were only one part of my small makeover.” Natalia – North Shore, Auckland

The ideal package for busy people

The Blinds Experience’s simple 3-step proposition:

Step 1 – Take time to connect with our truly independent interior designer – Kylee Murphy from The Style House. 60-90 minutes is often all that’s needed to get your ideas out of your head and bounce them around with Kylee – there is no charge to you for this valuable time with a truly independent interior consultant.

Step 2 – The team at The Blinds Experience picks it up from there, taking the ideas from your session with Kylee and turning them into reality with locally made, quality window furnishings.

Step 3 – Finally have the feeling that you did some ‘good in the hood’ in a simple and yet meaningful way. On your behalf, we will donate 5% of the value of your purchase to one of two of our partner charities – you simply choose which one and we send you a certificate of your donation.

Our Total Care Package ensures that your blinds work as you expected them to, or we fix them for free.

So, if you feel that you don’t have time to bring a fresh new integrated look to your home space, touch base with the team at The Blinds Experience, as our customers have found out… the blinds are only part of it!

Call for more information: M: 021 139 2317,

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Published: March 2024