Stolen Girlfriends Club Launches "Crooked Hearts" Collection A Rebellious Celebration of Love and Survival

Stolen Girlfriends Club’s latest collection is an exploration of love and survival; a reminder of the good times when things get hard – Love will save us!

The unapologetic attitude of punk remains ever-present, juxtaposed with the softness of modern romance.

Taloned hearts and flowers harmoniously intertwine, their irregularity subverting the traditional notions of beauty and elegance.

At the heart of this collection lies the "Crooked Hearts" story. Intricate stone clusters form imperfect hearts, shattered and haphazardly reformed, symbolizing the scars of a broken heart that has healed and grown stronger.

Crafted with solid sterling silver, select hero styles feature stunning diamond-cut onyx and cola quartz, bringing not only their aesthetics but also their protective properties to these exceptional pieces.

Recognizing the growing demand for men's jewellery, Stolen Girlfriends Club has included a continuation of their staple, heavier androgynous pieces with this collection. Contemporary chain necklaces, statement sovereign rings, and bracelets adorned with palm tree and lightning bolt motifs embody eternal optimism.

“I love that jewellery is so personal and timeless. A particular piece can remind someone of a specific time or place in their life and so it has this connected meaning for them, forever. It’s all about amplifying confidence and expressing your individuality.” says Creative Director, Marc Moore.

The ‘Crooked Hearts’ collection debuts on 10 February.
Available through Stolen Girlfriends Club flagship stores, online at and select retail partners.

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Published: February 2024