News from Herne Bay Petanque Club

Tucked down the end of Salisbury Street in Herne Bay is an exclusive sports facility that caters for all ages and abilities as well as community groups.

The Herne Bay Petanque Club has been at Salisbury Park for 28 years. It is the largest Petanque Club in New Zealand with we feel, the best facilities.

Here early in each New Year the prestigious and fiercely fought New Zealand Open Tournament is held with participants coming from overseas to compete against some of New Zealand’s best. It is a very active club with many tournaments held here throughout the year.

We have regular club times of Tuesday and Thursday mornings except the 3rd Tuesday of the month when the members have to give way for the local Probus monthly meeting.

Friday nights are also regular club nights and it is here that those who can’t make the day sessions can practice and socialise.

U3A also use the Herne Bay Petanque Club hall for their monthly meeting, which is held on the second Friday of each month and a number of Martial Arts groups have their weekly practice at the club.

Membership of the club runs at about 80 people of all ages and it is one of the few sports where women and men can compete on a level playing field, or in this case, piste.

Petanque is easy to learn, easy to play and as long as you can throw a ball you can play with anyone. We get exercise all year round, not even rain will deter some of the stalwarts.

We relax, socialise and enjoy being in beautifully kept garden-like grounds. Our volunteer gardeners do an excellent job, the roses at the moment are looking magnificent!

Our club rooms are used and enjoyed by the local community as well. Often we host events such as birthday parties, the children’s probably with bouncy castles and the adult’s with more adult things.

Most often these events include a game of Petanque and we supply the equipment and a club member will come and give instructions on how to play. All this free of charge as we want the game to grow in popularity. (Tricia Brown)

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Published: February 2024