Faces @ Grey Lynn Farmers Market

Carl Ebbers from Natures Corner sells his tasty, free-range eggs at the Grey Lynn Farmers Market every Sunday.

Tell us about your products?
We are free range chicken farmers and our happy hens produce tasty, free-range eggs. Our favourite eggs to eat are the little soldiers from the young hens starting out, because they poach so well, and the super jumbos produced by the older hens, because the older gals range further and produce rich golden yolks.

How long have you been producing eggs?
Laura and I started farming together in late 2012, but my family has been farming chickens for something like four generations starting with my great opa in the Netherlands (where modern chicken farming and breeding originated).

Where did you grow up?
My childhood was spent on dairy farms throughout the Waikato where mum and dad were share farming and later on a poultry farm near Tauranga.

What’s the biggest business decision you have had to make?
Our business was created following a failed corporate business acquisition/merger outside of our control, and our major business decision was whether to take the hard road and go it alone, knowing we were starting from such a small scale or 'get a real job'.

What’s your favourite way to relax after work?
Laura and I enjoy spending time in Auckland's amazing local parks and reserves.

Where is your favourite New Zealand holiday spot?
Great Barrier Island. It's a special place and many of the locals are real characters.

What’s your favourite thing about coming to the Grey Lynn Farmers Market?
The community feeling of the market is great, and many of the other stallholders and team have become like a second family.

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