Letter from the Editor

So many tributes, so many memories, so much respect, so much sadness, and so much love for our much loved colleague John Elliott who passed away on 12 July.

I was so proud of him for getting his QSM award in the New Year’s Honour’s List. I can think of no one who deserved it more than John. We have written a tribute to him and we will all miss him big time.

Ponsonby News managed a scoop by interviewing famous British artists Gilbert & George during their recent visit to open ‘21st Century Pictures’ at Auckland Art Gallery. Since 1970, Gilbert & George have produced iconoclastic works they describe as “sculptures”, spanning performance, film making, photography and giant printed artworks.

Their approach to art has always been anti-elitist, aiming to be relevant beyond the narrow confines of the art world, with their slogan “art for all”. Perhaps this is what attracted them to giving their only print interview to our local magazine rather than an art publication. The exhibition is on until Sunday
11 September.

Forget what you eat. For those that love their cars, you are what you drive. Many people think of their cars as extensions of themselves and their personalities while others eschew four wheels altogether and opt for public transport, or take to the streets on two feet or two wheels. Electric vehicles are also an attractive new proposition and with the growing demand for both everyday and luxury more planet-friendly options, more and more stylish EVs are popping up on our streets all the time. (MARTIN LEACH)

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