Fitness All Together (FAT)

Fitness All Together (FAT) is a community based outdoor movement.

Ponsonby News talked to Kevin Pichot, owner of Fitness All Together.

Could you tell us more about Fitness All Together?
Fitness All Together (FAT) is an outdoor movement community based in Auckland, started in 2018. Our speciality is High Intensity Interval Training, also called HIIT but we also offer Yoga, Pilates and Meditation sessions for our corporate clients. Whether it’s in person or on-demand, we offer a boutique experience with good music and highly qualified instructors!

Can you tell us more about your corporate offering?
Well it’s simple, we love bringing communities together, strengthening teams and believe in the importance of movement so why not build better working relationships with colleagues in between meetings by training together? We are grateful to have spent 3+ years working with and helping a wide range of clients get out of the office on a weekly basis. To give you an example, one of our corporate clients has a policy that every Tuesday and Thursday between 12 to 1pm no meetings are allowed so that everyone can come down for a session at the closest park! We pride ourselves on this.

You mentioned the fact that you are also offering online classes - how do these work?

The last couple of years have had a massive impact on our day to day life. The importance of exercising to our physical and mental health is even more crucial now with working from home and other stresses and anxieties playing regular roles in our daily lives. All these reasons made us rethink our offering and so, FAT ON DEMAND was born. Now, anyone can access our best HIIT, PILATES or YOGA workouts anytime, anywhere for a very affordable price. With new workouts constantly being added, you’ll never run out!

Any goals for 2022?
Many, as always, but the main ones would be to keep inspiring more people to move! Whilst we can’t be entirely sure what will happen this year with the current global pandemic we live in, I’m convinced that movement and nature are the solution to many of our problems.

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Published 4 February 2022