New dairy free cheese is available

Home-grown success story Angel Food will launch its new improved dairy-free cheese alternatives in innovative new packaging on 1 November.

The new plastic tubs are resealable and reusable and 100% recyclable wherever #5 plastic is accepted. Manufactured in Tauranga, the cooked product is filled straight into the tubs while still hot.

“The end result is as delicious as dairy cheese, but instead of cows we use coconut oil and potato starch,” says Founder and Managing Director Alice Shopland. “At the Fine Food Show in June we actually had chefs and grocery buyers saying, ‘I can’t believe it’s not cheese!’”.

Shopland says that in the past Angel Food has used dairy cheese-type packaging but now many more people are switching to plant milks for the environment and Angel Food is ready to be loud and proud about doing things differently. “It takes 10 litres of cows’ milk to make just 1kg of dairy cheese so choosing Angel Food at least some of the time has a hugely positive environmental impact.”

The products in the new packaging are the latest formulations of Angel Food’s cheddar and mozzarella alternatives, and a new smoked cheddar block. They can be sliced, grated or melted just like dairy cheese and are delicious raw or cooked.

“We don’t need to abandon our yummy cheese-eating traditions in New Zealand, we can simply update them to something that’s appropriate for the times we’re living in,” says Shopland.

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Published 5 November 2021