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In our 32 year history we can’t recall ever getting five letters to the editor on any one issue.

There is much feedback this month from locals criticising decision making by the Waitematā Local Board. Much of the feedback has been aimed directly at Richard Northey, the chair. He is a vastly experienced central government and local body politician, however, a question hanging over him is ‘has he done his dash’? We welcome any of our readers contributing to the debate because our local democracy is very important to all of us.

In his letter to the editor, former Auckland Councillor Mike Lee has given his view on the Erebus Memorial debate. As Mike Lee says, “I am sure this memorial is meant to bring closure and peace 40 years after, but instead, because of bureaucratic insensitivity and a lack of public consultation, it is creating disharmony - even anger - among the community.

“Unfortunately, as ‘Ponsonby News’ readers will know better than most, the people who govern us nowadays, especially Auckland Council and its various appendages, including the Local Board, appear to have forgotten their statutory obligations to consult in good faith on decisions with the public they are meant to serve. Unfortunately too, from my own experience, most of these bureaucrats have no idea what ‘consultation’ really means.

“The Government, Auckland Council and the Waitematā Local Board really should show some humility and listen to the considered recommendations of the Erebus Memorial Park Working Group, to achieve a better outcome for everyone.”

We always appreciate feedback from readers and our wonderful advertisers. In August last year, we ran an article reporting on how Bayleys’ agent Blair Haddow had sold $40 million worth of residential property in just nine weeks after coming out from the first Covid-19 lockdown – selling properties around the Ponsonby, Grey Lynn, and Herne Bay suburbs.

A loyal Ponsonby News reader in Grey Lynn read the article at the time and said to his wife: “Sweetheart, if we ever decide to sell our place, this is the guy I want to sell it.”

As Blair told us, “fast-forward a year and their home has come on the market for sale as one of my new listings. The couple regaled their Ponsonby News story to me as I visited them for an initial appraisal of their lovely residence. So I just thought I’d let you know about the longevity and loyalty which Ponsonby News has with its readers… but I’m sure you already know that.”

We’re all spending a lot more time at home right now, and our four walls have become everything from a workplace to a classroom and haven. It’s hard to separate a work/life balance, but our outdoor spaces help us do that. The best way to encourage use of outdoor spaces in summer is to create beautiful and comfortable spots where you’ll want to sit back, relax and enjoy spending time in. But before you splash out on the likes of premium barbecues and luxe outdoor fireplaces, make comfy seating and set dressing with carefully selected outdoor accessories a priority. If there’s somewhere comfortable to sit and you’re surrounded by beautiful things, you’ll feel more inclined to stay outside long enough to justify splashing out on those other big-ticket items.

Galtons Christmas World has been on a journey of growth for decades. Having been in the home decor business specialising in leading European brands since the early 1970s. We have included their Christmas catalogue in this issue. (MARTIN LEACH)

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Published 5 November 2021