Jeffrey Harris @ {Suite} Gallery, Ponsonby

{Suite} is honoured to present an exhibition of paintings by significant New Zealand artist Jeffrey Harris.

This will be Harris’s first exhibition of new paintings in 10 years and his first exhibition in Auckland in over 20 years.

Filled with enigmatic symbols like disembodied eyes, floating figures, crucifixes and phallic weaponry, the work of Jeffrey Harris often gives the impression of a dream begging to be decoded.

Since rising to prominence as one of New Zealand’s most notable painters in the 1970s, Harris’s artistic style has constantly evolved while continuing to revisit familiar symbolic motifs. With a more refined and nuanced hand that comes with five decades of experience, these recent paintings work to gently beckon the viewer more deeply than ever before into the strange and beautiful inner world inside Harris’s own head.

This exhibition is a rare opportunity for viewers to examine tightly organised and intensely focused mediations on composition in all their thickly painted glory and wonder how it is all done.

The exhibition opened on Thursday 25 February and run through to Saturday 3 April.

The exhibition can be viewed online at and a full online catalogue of all available works our galleries in Auckland and Wellington can be viewed by contacting the gallery.

{Suite} Gallery, 189 Ponsonby Road, T:09 218 4399,

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