Trang and Pritesh here, founders of Amino Mantra - plant based products

Since we had our daughter 4 years ago, we transitioned from mainly meat and seafood diet to whole food plant-based diet.

Since we had our daughter four years ago, we transitioned from a mainly meat and seafood diet to a whole food plant-based diet. We have embraced veganism fully since the last two years and we don't intend to look back. As a household with allergies, we understand the struggle that other families go through to source and feed clean food products. We spent 18 months researching gut health, wholefood plant based nutrition, allergens and innovative bio-plastic packaging before we launched Amino Mantra in October 2018. We are at in two farmers' markets - Grey Lynn Farmers' Market and Parnell Farmers' Market. Amino Mantra is not only our company brand but also a manifestation of our personal beliefs - organic, allergen-friendly, ethical and sustainable.

As New Zealand's first sustainable, top 11 allergens-friendly food start-up, our goal is to make eating plant based easy through providing healthy wholefood options for educated consumers. We differ from our competitors by having a fully sustainable model focused on allergen-friendly(free from gluten, dairy, soy, tree nuts, peanuts, pea protein isolates, sesame, mustard, egg, shellfish, lupin & sulphites), organic ingredients, zero-waste packaging and know how to process the ingredients in the right way to make them gut health friendly. Most importantly, our products are wholefoods not meat mimics. Moisture is the biggest enemy of the integrity of bioplastics. We are first in NZ and Australia to package high-moisture, organic, vegan food products into home and commercially compostable packaging.

Despite being a challenging year as a start-up over Covid-19, we have still managed to grow from six stores in October 2019 to 30 stores in October 2020, getting into Farro Fresh, Huckleberry stores, select Foodstuffs stores and independent retailers throughout the North Island. In future, we are working to add nutrient-dense kids' friendly snacks (not sugary sweets), ready-to-eat meals and increase the portfolio of our current plant patties range.

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