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Taking on the world can be pretty tough, but Max Barrett (Drums), Toby Barrett (Saxophone), Tyler Diprose (Bass), and Lucas Kewell (Piano/keys) – members of the Jazz quartet Toby And The Rest are determined to give it their all.

Despite only forming a little over 18 months ago, these four teenagers are already making a name for themselves, and recently recorded their very first album ‘Special Delivery’, to be released in the New Year.

While some people might label them as simply lucky, their adopted manager Robin Kewell told me it’s not an easy road. “It’s hard to make in the world of music as New Zealand is so far away from the rest of the world”.

“It’s also tricky because to know if someone’s any good, you’ve got to be able to hear them or see them perform”.

While he’s definitely a proud dad, he truly believes they’ve got the right stuff to make a real go of it.

“I’ve been in the music/film business for years, I’ve seen some of the world’s top bands. You recognize talent when you see it, and these guys definitely have it”.

Like many bands out there, one of their biggest obstacles is scheduling, trying to find a time to practice while fitting it in around their education.

“Schools important, and they’re encouraged and supported by Avondale college music teacher Mike Robinson. They all want to be musicians, that’s their goal, they’re determined to go down that route, so it’s all about striking the right balance between college, study, and their live performances”.

And as for their music, where does their inspiration come from? The answer might surprise you.

“We all like our own types of music; some of us listen to Punk-Rock, others lean more towards classic Jazz. These different sounds go on to influence our own music and gives it a unique character,” said piano player Lucas Kewell.

Toby And The Rest played at the Ponsonby Social Club, and will also be performing at the Waiheke Jazz Festival 2021, from 2-5 April - Easter weekend. To book your ticket or for more information, please go to

To find out more about the band, please visit

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