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See 2020 out in a calm and beautiful way! Renowned fine art photographer Emma Bass has released an exclusive art jigsaw puzzle in time for the summer and festive season

Solid benefits in puzzling times

There’s plenty of evidence that jigsaw puzzles offer a multitude of benefits*. Puzzles decrease stress, increase mindfulness and exercise both the left and right sides of the brain to provide a mental workout that improves problem-solving skills, visual and spatial reasoning and memory.

Bass says: “Puzzles are a great way to experience peace, harmony and joy with friends, family or in solitude. They give us a sense of control in a world that has increasingly felt very out of control. Most of all, puzzles are fun and relaxing. I wanted to bring my work, which is all about spreading notions of joy and beauty, into this quiet, reflective space.

It’s that relaxation and enjoyment aspect which has helped make jigsaw puzzles ‘cool’ again during the pandemic. Puzzle makers Ravensburger reported earlier this year that it had seen sales in North America soar 370% when compared to the previous year**.

Making joyful art accessible

Emma Bass is an award-winning photographer who has established a strong global following with her work.

She is one of New Zealand’s most beloved fine art photographers. Her signature floral works can be found in galleries, public institutions and private collections nationally and internationally.

Her first puzzle is a specially created ‘flowerscape’, filled with hidden creatures to discover; a contemporary 1000-piece jigsaw which Bass says is a pleasure to assemble and available at a price-point that is accessible for everyone.

Says Bass: “Flowers have been employed to represent our ideas and emotions as far back as we can trace our artistic heritage. Eastern or Western, flowers are one of the most universal forms of beauty. They are tokens of love, a natural expression of the environment. What’s more, flowers are scientifically proven*** to improve both mental and physical wellbeing. Everywhere in the world, flowers are cherished in some form”.

PUZZLE BY BASS, ‘The Garden of Seasons’ is available online at www.emmabass.co.nz

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