Luxurious cinemas and media rooms in private sanctuaries

The first time I meet with Muzzi Shalash from AV Expression was over a coffee at a local Ponsonby cafe.

Muzzi’s ’job’ has had him creating some of the most luxurious cinemas and media rooms for his clients since 2008. His experience is very well rounded, having been involved in many residential and commercial projects nationwide.

The private cinemas that he and his team create are state of the art and are closer to the deluxe commercial cinemas. The level of detail that goes into every room is precision-like including design, schematics and 3D models being completed before any physical work is started.

“It’s not only about how big your speakers and screen are when it comes to creating a high-end cinema. The acoustics are probably the most important element in a room and if that is not the first consideration, then the whole job has failed before it has started. Unfortunately, acoustic treatment of a room can sometimes be ugly with big rectangular foam tiles having to be installed on the sides of the walls and ceilings. But thankfully, a special stretched acoustic fabric can be installed to hide the panels for a sleek and modern look with no performance loss,” says Muzzi.

The addition of Smart Automation into the system adds a level of sophistication and convenience with a touch of magic. Imagine walking into the room and the lights gently ramp up to welcome you. With a simple press of a button or a voice command you can start up the system. When a movie is selected the lights automatically dim. The room has multiple user control interfaces such as voice control, touch screens, engraved keypads and a universal remote if you like the tactile feel of a sturdy remote with a modern LCD screen and backlit buttons.

The Smart Automation can also be integrated into the rest of the house with your entertainment, lighting, comfort and security systems into one modern and easy-to-use interface, which allows you remote control access from anywhere in the world.
For a free in-home consultation to discuss the possibilities for your own private oasis, get in touch with AV Expression.

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