Herne Bay Beach's clean up by Bayfield School pupils

On one frosty, misty morning Kowhai Team went to Herne Bay Beach for a clean up! They had to look in big piles of autumn crumpled up leaves.

"On Wednesday 24 July at 9.30am Kowhai went to sunny Herne Bay Beach first on the walk and there wasn’t much rubbish. When we got to the beach gosh it was glistening with all kinds of rubbish. Minutes later found a beer bottle that was in one piece. asked Matthew to come look at this, it's a beer bottle! says Francesca Ram.

"We found crabs but Samuel found the biggest one. He even held it, we had gloves on. On the way back to school the ground was shimmering with plastic. I wasn’t that tired because we hadn’t stayed there that long. I sang to pass the time it went like this Skippy, skip, jump!
Finally we were back at school!" says Sally Youngman.

"I was pleased to go to Herne Bay Beach for a clean up. The fog lay like a puffy jacket in the sky We marched down the steep sturdy hill. After we got there we started being vacuums zooming to get all the rubbish we could find. Later I went to a part of the beach that was really soggy we found a starfish and lots of crabs. Some of Kowhia even felt brave enough to hold a crab! Finally it was time to have a photowe had found heaps of rubbish!

"I’m glad we helped clean up that beach, I whispered quietly to myself. When we went out of the beach we did a clean up by the trees above. There was a pile of leaves, most of us used big sticks to clear the way," says Honor Timmins.