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The solution to the climate emergency and other pressing challenges has already started right here in New Zealand. Are you in?

Interestingly, too, this push for change comes at a time when greater numbers of people also are feeling loneliness and social isolation. Belonging and support is a big need for many here in Aotearoa. It is great to be a part of something bigger than oneself, with one’s talents enjoyed and embraced by the community.

How can we turn the tide with big challenges and rediscover our sense of togetherness? The good news is that people are coalescing around global causes like these. They are becoming engaged with meaningful challenges, empowered to change and influence, and meeting other like-minded people in the community by doing so.

The Transitions Towns Movement has been alive and well in New Zealand for some time, with one of its oldest communities known as Grey Lynn 2030 in operation for over a decade now. This inclusive group works on a number of critical issues in the community. These range from climate and energy, to building the local economy, to finding waste solutions, and constructively engaging local policy makers on a number of matters. It is open to people from
all walks of life.

One recent event organised by Grey Lynn 2030 was Trash to Trade. This was a successful upcycling event showcasing how everyday materials can be used to make useful objects, and in the process eliminate waste and needless consumption. By upcycling, people can harness their creative spirit, make better use of precious resources, and reduce their carbon footprint.

This event drew many people from the neighbourhood as well as several city council leaders. But there is much more going on as well. Grey Lynn 2030 serves as an organisation to connect people with resources and catalyses new initiatives, while finding support and resilience in your community. People from all walks of life and backgrounds are able to join, putting their talents to many existing activity streams, or even start new ones to tackle issues they find important.

You may have lived in the area for some time already, but rediscover your community. Take part in some of the many activities going on with Grey Lynn 2030 and move the needle on important global issues. Our climate crisis won’t be easily solved unless we are all involved. The good news is that it is now easier than ever to be a part of making things better for the world, for yourself and for your community. (BRIGITTE SISTIG)