The kindness project @ Ponsonby Central

Tell us about the Kindness Project. What inspired you?

What is the furniture made from?
The repurposed furniture is made from retired fishing boats which were made from very old teak! There are countless stories embedded within this furniture.

All the products we sell I have ensured are ethically sourced with their very manufacturer providing fair employment at origin. A percentage of all sales will be given to a social project which can easily be tracked online and communicated to each customer.

When it was explained to the craftspeople who make these products that a percentage of sales would support people in need they were so heartened. It was very humbling!

As the business builds we are open to initiatives and have exciting projects in the pipeline that has kindness as its theme. Buddha statues, paintings and re-purposed, hand-crafted Balinese boat furniture that is uniquely individual, ethically sourced and affordable.

Where are you based?
We are in Coatesville.

Our popup at Ponsonby Central is our first opportunity to showcase and make available our stunning selected creations. We will be there from 15 to 29 April. Come and see us.