Keeping it green

From the first day of conception, Ponsonby Central has striven to create a environment that is kind to our Earth. From recycled and upcycled building materials through to how our waste is managed.

We also compost food scraps, organic waste and spoiled foods through the guys at We Compost.

In conjunction with our sustainable food and packaging drive there are new bike stands installed and two new bus routes operating making it easier and more accessible to get to Ponsonby Central.

Our restaurants and cafes have also embraced this change in hospitality direction, small but important changes like no plastic straws, less packaging, using paper bags, bamboo-based utensils and of course the best and easiest way, encouraging eating in with zero waste.

• All of our cafes use and encourage permanent cup systems, whether it’s a keep cup or just a old mug with a cat on it from the staff coffee cupboard.

• Recycled cooking oil: All used cooking oil is collected and made into bio-diesel.

• All cardboard is collected and recycled into new packaging.

• All our glass bottles, tin cans, and hard plastics (1-7) are also collected for recycling.

• Our restaurants know and follow the ethical supply chain with their protein and meat products. Sourcing through Neat Meat there is a simple chain ensuring that the ingredients sourced are organic and cruelty free. Only the best.