Lifestyle, location and luxury - 19 Brown Street, Ponsonby

There is magic to be found behind the traditional façade of this multi award-winning villa.

What are your favourite parts of the house?
J: The new extension, the media space and the garage. I love the indoor/outdoor area - the rainscreen, the living space, the pool - it's an amazing space to be in year round. I enjoy the separation of space throughout the house, every room has a purpose, so you find yourself using the spaces in their intended ways and it makes the house feel larger than it is. I find the media space such a calming, luxurious room.

N: The whole thing, because it just is the whole thing.

M: I’ve been asked this before and was slightly mortified that it made it to print, but I really do love the laundry. I guess what I was saying is that it is obvious how amazing the rest of the house is, but the subtle elements don’t become clear until you are living here. At the end of the day, you can have the most beautiful house to live in but if it's not designed with your actual activities of daily living in mind, then it can be a nightmare.

Back to the laundry... it's very spacious, it has loads of storage, but importantly, it was treated with the same care as the other rooms. So, it's light, it's got a beautiful marble bench and you don't feel like you're locked away in the dungeon while you are folding your washing.

What are you most proud of?
J: Keeping my sanity (I think).

N: Everything.

M: Jon of course! Any build is challenging and places a huge amount of stress in budgets, timelines, just the daily mechanics of a project of this scale. Jon never gave up on his vision, even though there were many times where this wasn't easy.

What will you miss most when your home is sold?

J: Waking up in the master bedroom amongst the trees and looking up through the skylight; the way the light works throughout the house, the living area, probably most things...

N: Everything.

M: There's loads of elements that are unique to the house that I'll miss. Popping across to Ponsonby Central for a coffee, curling up on the bench seat, looking out into the trees and reading the paper. Nic having dance parties in the media room. Sitting by the outdoor fireplace and talking through the day over a wine - that fireplace is amazing! Going for a run then jumping straight into the pool - the most refreshing swims ever. I'll really miss the location - being right in the heart of everything and being able to get around so easily.

Tricia Lafferty, M: 021 611 205
Kym Aikin, M: 021 596 222