Artist profile: Agathe Jolivet

When Agathe first left France to head to New Zealand’s shores in 2019, her plans were driven by an insatiable appetite for travel and change – a passion for experiencing new countries, cultures, people, nature and food.

Country hopping since the age of 14, it was Aotearoa, however, that stopped Agathe in her tracks. “It profoundly inspired me,” she says. “The landscapes. The people. The way of life. It was hard to turn back.”

Wanting to find a way to capture her connection to this country and its innate beauty, Agathe turned to clay as a creative channel.

“Working with clay gives me a way to capture the essence of each season throughout the year,” says Agathe. “My art is a reflection of simplicity and beauty, focusing on creating minimalist bespoke pieces that highlight the natural allure of clay.

“It’s always a learning curve with this medium. Finding my style and incorporating organic textures, colours and shapes is where my passion now lies.”

Meticulously handmade, either thrown on a wheel or hand built, Agathe combines form with function to create uniquely crafted pieces for everyday use.

Available from ASH&STONE, the selection of ceramics changes often as new and unique pieces leave the kiln.

Visit ASH&STONE at 3 Redmond Street, Ponsonby or shop online at

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