Bariletto- A local company specialising in small batch, barrel-aged Negronis.

In 2016, Negroni enthusiast Al White discovered a New York bar specialising in barrel-aged Negronis

It was after this that he started to consider how he could make his own version back home.

Years later and after being gifted a small oak barrel, Al started testing different combinations of gin, sweet vermouth and Campari with the barrel becoming a constant companion on holidays and at dinner parties.

Once the optimal blend of ingredients for the ageing process was settled on, the process of sourcing the perfect barrels began. After trying different options from all around the world, the perfect barrels, hand made by expert coopers in eastern Europe, were selected.

Throughout the development journey, it was a priority to produce a drink that was instantly recognisable as a Negroni and which retained a traditional flavour profile. The barrel aging process does this but brings a lot to the Negroni’s already powerful nature, offering a rich, opulent quality that adds to the cocktail’s depth. It gives a subtle smokiness, makes it ever so slightly sweeter and is a lot smoother on the palate.

In 2022, Al and his wife Lisa formed Bariletto, a Ponsonby-based company specialising in small batch, barrel-aged Negronis. Since officially launching, they have generated a loyal following of Negroni fans who keep coming back for more… "Negroni drinker or not, you have to try this", "the best gift I have received", "I absolutely love this stuff!"

As well as being available in beautiful bottles and giftboxes through and retailers, you will also find it in select bars and restaurants being served directly from the barrel.

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