Meditation retreat in Ponsonby – Tranquility and Insight

Learning meditation in person is so much easier than from an app. Join us for this five day non-residential retreat with Susan Allen.

Every moment of every day, your mind is creating your experience. This is one of the great insights that a man called Siddhartha came to 2500 years ago in northern India. This man came to be called The Buddha. This insight is a learning that, when we come to understand it for ourselves, can lead to the greatest freedom and flourishing.

When something inconvenient happens to you, some days you may just brush it off but then on another day you might get offended or irritable. Same external situation – different internal response. Why is this?

Through meditation we come to the profound realisation that our mind is constructing our every moment experience. All of our thoughts, emotions, even perceptions are all created by our mind. So irritability depends not on the red traffic light, but rather depends on how the mind is reacting to the traffic light. While this may seem a reasonable theory, when we deeply understand this it becomes a path to the deepest freedom. Rather than being at the whim of life’s ups and downs, through meditation we can establish a stability of mind that we can truly rely on.

These Tibetan Buddhist practices will be taught in a secular, practical, non woowoo way. RetreatsNZ teacher Susan Allen was previously a mechanical engineer before founding Yoga Ground in Ponsonby and Wanaka. She is attracted to these Buddhist practices because they are both logical and transformative.

The retreat will cover Tranquility and Insight meditation practices. Tranquility practices quieten the busy mind; this cultivates ease and stability of mind. Insight practices liberate the mind from its conditioned patterns. Our negative, reactive, emotional states decline, we feel more connected to others and we begin to operate more from a spacious, easeful awareness rather than from the obsession with thinking.

Beginners and experienced meditators are welcome. You'll be able to ask questions and get personalised instructions. Susan has a gift and a passion for delivering this material in a way that is clear and inspiring.

And if you’re wondering what type of people go on a retreat like this – the answer is people like you.

This could be what you’ve been looking for. Come join us.

RetreatsNZ, Susan Allen, M: 021 222 6550,

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Published: May 2024