Sa-Ni Spa @ Abstract Hotel & Residences

When you step through the door of Sa-Ni Spa, you know immediately that you’re experiencing the world in a different way.

The sounds, the aromas, the lighting, everything you touch is gentle, soothing, muted. That’s because Sa-Ni has been created as a place of healing and restoration, a place where time slips away, taking with it all your cares and concerns.

Sarisa Nasinprom, the co-founder and inspiration behind Sa- Ni, has nurtured a dream since she arrived in New Zealand in 2016, aiming to make it her home. Her vision: to create a world-class spa where skilled therapists would offer services that aligned with her long-cherished ideals of relaxation, meditation, mindfulness and healing.

That’s Sa-Ni. A spa designed to meet the needs of your body, mind and soul in uninterrupted privacy and comfort, with single and couples treatment rooms and a deluxe suite, so you can choose to be treated on your own, with your partner or share your experience with a group of friends in the jacuzzi and herbal sauna.

Your session starts with one of Sa-Ni’s highly trained therapists carefully listening to you and understanding your needs. You may want a relaxing massage that improves skin hydration and reduces inflammation. Or you may want to soothe aching muscles, reduce stress, eliminate anxiety and relieve tension. Or perhaps you simply want to lose all sense of time being pampered.

Then, with strong, skilful, gentle hands your therapist will eliminate tension and stress, relax your body, ease your pain, calm and soothe your mind and bring you to a state of deep, lasting, meditative relaxation where you are breathing deeply, your blood flow is enhanced, your aches and pains reduced, your bodily flexibility increased and your mental performance heightened.nd when your treatment is complete, Sa-Ni invites you to relax and rehydrate in comfort on soft furnishings until you are ready to return refreshed to the world once again.

Sarisa's concept has been given form by her partner, Nigel McKenna, Founder and Chairman of Templeton Group. His extensive development experience, creative vision and attention to detail have delivered a stunning spa environment where Sarisa has been able to realise her dreams and bring them to fruition.


Sarisa’s dream had its origin in Thailand, the country of her birth. She was, from her earliest years, heavily influenced by the philosophy and values of Thailand and the three adjacent countries – Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.

That immersive influence was first given form and shape when she attended school in Bangkok at an institution created inside a Buddhist Mahannapharam Temple, where she was exposed to the concepts and practice of mindfulness, meditation and wellbeing.

At university, Sarisa completed a four-year bachelor’s degree in Tourism and Hotel Management and, after graduating, she travelled extensively, working in California and New Jersey in the USA.

She continued her study of world-class spas across the USA, Europe and Asia and returned to Thailand to undertake post- graduate studies, specialising in health and wellness spas, and to study Nuad Thai at the renowned Wat Po Temple.

Sarisa practises mediation and yoga daily and is a lover of the outdoors and nature in Aotearoa.

SA-NI SPA AND WELLNESS CENTRE, Abstract Hotel, 8 Upper Queen Street, T: 09 320 1742,

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Published: May 2024