BAMBI-CINO’S – deer milk lattes being served up for pooches at iconic Ponsonby café

Just when you thought there couldn’t be any more milk offerings, Bambina Café on Ponsonby Road is serving up deer milk lattes – or as they call them, ‘Bambi-Cino’s’ – but not to their human clients but to their doggie regulars!

To celebrate International Love Your Pet Day, 20 February, Bambina café has teamed up with one of their regular customers, Rebecca Davidson, who owns Nutrideer, a premium pet food supplement, the core ingredient of which is deer milk powder, to offer free Bambi-cinos.

In case you didn’t know, deer milk has one of the highest protein profiles, superseding cow and goat milks and even other meat and plant sources. So Bambina’s beloved pooches will get to indulge in these supercharged deer milk lattes and reap the multiple health benefits.

Bambina Café co-owner Matt McMillian said: “We love all our doggie regulars, so it’s great to be able to provide them with something special and packed with fantastic health benefits. And what better day to start offering them than on International Love your Pet Day. We’ve trialled it with a few of our furry friends and they have been lapping them up – and we’re loving seeing their cute furry milk moustaches!”

Rebecca added: “I’ve been a regular at Bambina for years and have been sharing the journey of the research and science behind Nurtideer with Matt and then there is the name – Bambi-cino – it just all lined up! New Zealand has the only deer milking operation in the world, and we recently launched the Nutrideer range in Asia and we’re looking to export to other markets later this year, so we’re excited to start the Bambi-cino trend in NZ and hope it catches on internationally.”

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