Ecoware moves to Ponsonby

Fast-growing company Ecoware supplies cafes, food trucks, supermarkets and corporate customers in New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, the Pacific Islands and the UK with their market-leading range of compostable packaging - and they're doing it from their new headquarters in Ponsonby.

"Right from early on we've been supported by many of the Ponsonby eateries. We love that so many central Aucklanders are conscious of their waste and seeking out more sustainable ways of doing things. It's definitely an inspiring area to work in," says Calver.

Ecoware is a pioneer in the sustainable packaging industry, supplying over 2500 customers with compostable bowls, containers, coffee cups, pizza boxes, cutlery and napkins made out of renewable materials like cornstarch and bamboo fibre. They're just about to launch their range of paper straws and compostable grocery bags.

Their tagline is "Packaging made from plants, not oil" and local customers include The Butcher's Son, Five Loaves, FishSmith, Boy & Bird, Fresh Market and Ripe Deli.

Ecoware's new head office in Ireland Street and dynamic team of 12 is a long way from where they started, when the founders spent their days educating businesses on what compostable packaging is and why it was a better option.

“We've seen a real shift - now customers are doing that education for us. They tell their local cafe or takeaway joint, ‘This isn’t good enough, you need to offer better options'. Now, businesses know they have to consider the triple bottom line: environmental, social and commercial,” Calver says.

In the past year Ecoware has replaced over 500,000kg of oil-based packaging with plant-based packaging and their growth has seen a positive impact on the entire composting collection industry.

"There's still heaps of progress to be had but we're excited about where we are headed. And to be taking on the world from our new offices in Ponsonby is the icing on the cake," says Calver.

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