What’s AGGS all about?

Auckland Girls’ Grammar School wants to showcase its recent evolution to Ponsonby parents on Thursday 31 May at its Open Day/Information Evening.

And they’re just getting started.

“We want to give students every opportunity to be engaged and challenged in a nurturing environment,” explains Ashmore.

“Open Day is a chance to see what AGGS is about now. It’s seeing the day in action and it’s a time to ask questions of teachers, students and our leadership team.”

Ashmore’s team includes Ponsonby local, Deputy Principal Maree Flannery, and newly appointed Deputy Principal Gavin Morgan.

“I think people locally have no idea of the hidden gem sitting at the bottom of Ponsonby,” says Morgan. “They see girls coming from out of area, but if you’re in Ponsonby
I urge you to think about us. We offer absolute commitment to recognising the untapped potential of girls.”

Former Black Stick Flannery says they’re also about producing sports champions and celebrating culture, dance and drama.

“People don’t realise how many AGGS success stories there are,” Flannery explains. “Netballers Katrina Grant and Kayla Cullen, comedian Rose Matafeo (former head girl), and women like Professor Innes Asher, former Head of Paediatrics at Auckland University. The list of achievers is enormous.”

Meantime, Principal Ashmore invites local parents to experience Auckland Girls’ Grammar School by visiting on Open Day.

AUCKLAND GIRLS’ GRAMMAR SCHOOL, 16 Howe Street, Freemans Bay, T: 09 307 4180, www.aggs.school.nz