A movement imagining new possibilities for Auckland trash

A new competition encourages Aucklanders to imagine new possibilities for their discarded trash.

“The competition gives participants the opportunity to create something desirable from something discarded, adding a unique story to the new product,” says competition organiser Brigitte Sistig.

To enter, contestants are required to find a trash item and upcycle it into a new creation that has some monetary worth. It could be something as simple as a bookshelf made of old drawers, wooden pallets turned into a coffee table or billboards sewn into handbags.

“The ultimate goal is to create something that people actually want to buy,” says Brigitte.

The competition is suitable for all levels - from young makers to new designers and established businesses or artisans. Entry forms can be downloaded from www.greylynn2030.co.nz. First prize for each category is $500.

Trash to Trade also invites businesses to donate their business waste to Trash to Trade contestants, who can then create a prototype product. “There’s certainly no shortage of potential waste streams from many businesses that could be diverted,” says Brigitte. Entry form for business partners is available via www.greylynn2030.co.nz/2018/02/05/trash-to-trade-business-partner.

Trash to Trade is a joint initiative between Grey Lynn 2030, the Grey Lynn and Kingsland Business Associations, as well as the educational sector, with support from the Waitemata Local Board.

Final competition showcase will be held on: Sunday, 29 April, 10am-12 noon at the Grey Lynn RSC, 3 Francis Street. To find out more or to enter,
visit www.greylynn2030.co.nz/eventposts/trash-to-trade-competition-2018

For all enquiries, please contact Brigitte Sistig on infogreylynn2030@gmail.com or by phoning M: 021 113 4171.