Auckland Girls’ Grammar - Powerful at polyfest 2018

Auckland Girls’ Grammar School shone at the 2018 Polyfest, with some of the school’s best results at the festival to date.

Auckland Girls’ top results saw its stunning Tongan Group finish as the first placed girls school in both the Soko and Ma’ulu’ulu, while its Niuean Group was also the first placed girls school with an equally show-stopping performance.

Its Samoan Group was the third placed girls school while Kahurangi Ki Maungawhau finished fifth on the Maori Stage, division one. On the non-competitive stages, the Cook Island group was the first placed girls school with a colourful and energetic display and Iti Kahurangi wowed with its beauty and flair.

On the Diversity Stage, the school’s other groups covered Fijian, Filipino, Chinese and Indian - reflecting and celebrating AGGS’s cultural multiplicity.

Polyfest 2018 - the 43rd Polyfest - was held from 14-17 March.