R & D Kitchen... a new Grey Lynn local

Richmond & Domain Kitchen has opened in the space that was once home to Jafa. The new owners now have two cafes, with the other based in Parnell.

What is your favourite dish?
The seasonal fish omelette. The dish is for us is a celebration of simple things done well and uncluttered.

Your smoothies sound good… tell us more?
We have developed our pre- and post-workout smoothies with Emily from Feel Fresh Nutrition at the Movement Lab. They are good for you and functional... beetroot, turmeric and cold brew coffee and a dairy-free, pea protein shake for after your workout.

Can you cater to vegans and gluten free?
Yes, this is the world we live in and celebrate. We love accommodating everyone and have great vegan and gluten-free options - both sweet and savoury.

Why did you choose Grey Lynn?
When we talked about what we want to be as a business, and people we asked, a repeating theme was community. Grey Lynn has that and we have enjoyed great support from local businesses and this community.

What else will be happening at Richmond & Domain?
We have what we think will be the first community wine list. We will gather locals and taste and vote on which wines make the list.

Evenings are coming... Coffee cupping and single origin tastings with Atomic Roasters.

R & D KITCHEN, 551 Richmond Road, T: 09 361 1100