Andrew Maben and Ben

Andrew Maben is the well-known owner of Novel, the small bookstore on Jervois Road.

How long have you had Ben?
Three months.

What breed is he?
Ben is a Sheltie.

How did you come to choose Ben?
Ben is the eigth Sheltie we’ve had in the family. The first Sheltie guarded my pram when I was a baby, so I have had a long association and love for Sheltie’s.

How did Ben get his name?
I like short, punchy names for dogs. The breeder wasn’t happy with the name as his father Saint Becker won 'Best in Show' in Australia so when I went to pick him up she had named him Saint Becker Ben on his birth certificate.

What is your favourite thing to do together?
Chase. I chase Ben around the garden, inside, around the furniture in the living room, then outside again. We sometimes do the circuit 20 to 30 times!

Does Ben have friends?
Ben has a huge fan base at Novel. He is often picked up for play dates with customers' dogs or taken for walks. His favourite is Beckett, a Labradoodle. They will play together for hours.

What does Ben like to eat?
He loves roast organic chicken but I think his favourite is panko crumbed, pan fried fish. I swear he gets more than I do!