Float away with White Beauty Spa

The ladies at White Spa would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The bio sculpture gel system is not just a colour gel, it can be used to lengthen the natural nail, add strength and repair broken nails. There is a sensational colour palette to choose from and it is a non-chip system, high in shine, that lasts for weeks.

Bio is also non toxic and has a unique system of protecting the natural nail and its regular function. So that’s right, no damage. Nadia has been working with bio since 2005, taking the utmost care of her clients' nails, ensuring the nails', health, adding extra special touches including nail art, leaving you looking and feeling completely polished.

We have some amazing specials on at present, combining floats and massage, what an amazing gift... the gift of wellbeing.

Some of the benefits of float pods include: one hour float equals up to eight hours deep sleep; 550kg of Epsom salts in 10 inches of water means you get an excellent and well-needed dose of magnesium preventing cramping, restless leg syndrome, insomnia, pain relief and more mobility of joints.

“Floating is like pushing a reset button on your brain, much like resetting a computer it gives you a 'defrag', making everything so much clearer. You will walk out floating on a cloud with clarity. The benefits of floating last for days and floating regularly is quite simply life changing.

A very special difference we have in our pods is that the water you are floating in is attuned with Reiki, so you receive beautiful, healing Reiki energy whilst floating at White Spa. Water is proven to hold a memory, the molecular structure of water is effected by thoughts and energy. We believe it is so important to not only clear our water of this energy between floats along with our mechanical filtration system and hydrogen peroxide treatments.

Floating is amazing for raising one's vibration, healing and taking care of you and your body. Perhaps New Year's resolution? Heal yourself, support your body, nurture your mind and soul... Float.
WHITE BEAUTY SPA + FLOAT LOUNGE: The Yard, 182 Jervois Road, T: 09 376 9969, www.whitespa.co.nz