The art of healing @ PHI massage and reflexology

The phi Φ symbol, the golden ratio, is used to describe aesthetically pleasing proportions within a piece of art, beauty, composition, design and architecture.

PHI is a new concept in how you can experience massage and reflexology. At PHI the client will feel the calmness of the environment, surrounded by beautiful artwork, which will comfort you through your powerful experience of a more natural, alternative way to heal your body.

All PHI therapists have at least seven years experience as alternative medicine healers with multi disciplinary medical study backgrounds. The therapists deliver their massages in a new way which connects your body to start healing with manual therapy for the muscles, ligaments and nerves, helping the body to detox, relieve pain and stress, boosting dopamine and immune systems.

PHI also offers reflexology which can stimulate more than 7000 different nerve endings, resulting in: faster healing of wounds, energizing the metabolism, eliminating toxins, improving bladder function, relieving hangovers, headaches, insomnia and easing symptoms from cancer.

PHI Ponsonby offers the convenience of an express service. Sessions start from 15 minutes; give yourself a weekly boost or a quick daily massage after a stressful day. Situated near the car park entrance of the new Countdown, Ponsonby.

No appointment, no problem, walk-ins are welcomed based on availability.

PHI MASSAGE AND REFLEXOLOGY, 4 Williamson Avenue, (corner of Pollen Street, Countdown, Ponsonby), T: 09 378 9089,