Union Blue - a local business

A love of travel, colour, texture and a penchant for handbags provided long-time Westmere resident Milly Whitefoot the inspiration for Union Blue.

"A designer I am not, a fashionista, oh no. A dreamer, a doer (thus proving the two are not mutually exclusive), absolutely!"

So, with freedom from the vagaries that may grip the fashion world, Union Blue ‘perforated neoprene’ handbags were born.

Reminiscent of the riotous colours of Rajasthan, the OneDay Bag comes in a dusty khaki with a rich magenta interior. Our Pacific Island neighbours inspired the NiteOne Bag - jet black with a brilliant orange inside. A tribute to the vibrancy, warmth and grace of the beautiful people Milly met in the Pacific, when working with the amazing Fred Hollows Foundation.

Available exclusively online and for a limited time at the Ponsonby Central Christmas Market 17-24 December. Be it beach-bound or beyond, Union Blue bags have you covered from am to pm this summer.