Ethno Aotearoa / New Zealand - ethnic music summer camp

Ethno is a music project for young musicians within the folk/world music tradition.

​Ethno is a week-long music camp that brings together workshops, cultural exchange and music from around the world. It promotes emerging artists, facilitates experiences with music that young people might not have otherwise heard! It is an annual camp, in whatever country holds them, and was developed to help revive, and keep folk music and the cultural traditions of that music alive. Music is the platform for 'meaningful intercultural dialogue'.

One of the brains behind Ethno Aotearoa is Hanna Wiskari, who comes to us from her own involvement and attendance for years at Ethno Sweden. She was determined to send some of our musicians over to their camp in June. "I love the folk music scene in New Zealand, but I've always been wondering why you don't hear more Maori and Pacific music within that folk scene. The thing about Ethno is it's normally for 17 to 30 year olds, it's for younger musicians. With Ethno, there's no audition or anything, but every one I've been to has a very high level of musicianship." Hanna had to ask around and make some new contacts before she was recommended Whetu-Marama Rikihana and Issac Smith as two musicians who would be perfect to attend Ethno Sweden.

Their visit to Ethno Sweden was a roaring success, and Ethno New Zealand has only continued to build momentum and get attention. Ethno New Zealand will take place from January 20 to 29, 2018 at the Piritahi Marae on Waiheke Island before a final performance at the Auckland Folk Festival on 28 January in Kumeu.

They are still looking for young musicians to come on board. “We are looking for musicians and singers, age 17-30, within the folk, world and/or traditional music scene with lots of curiosity, ready to share their own music and to take part in an amazing musical journey! This is a unique chance to experience a new way of learning and sharing music and to be part of a global network.”

Ethno is now a part of Ponsonby with sessions that happen on the last Sunday of the month at Cafe One2one. These bring together an awesome cast of musicians from around the folk and traditional genres, including as many global sounds as possible. If you are interested, get along to One2one from 4pm.

This is the newest and most exciting initiative for folk music in New Zealand. A way of helping blend our many different genres of folk and encourage new sounds to be created! (FINN MCLENNAN-ELLIOTT)