New and improved Tatty’s Ponsonby

Tatty’s had been bulging at the seams from their old shop at 159 Ponsonby Road, so when the opportunity arose to take a larger shop next door, Aimee jumped at the chance.

“Saying goodbye to the original Tatty’s was not without sadness,” says Aimee. “It was not only where Tatty’s was born, but my now partner Nigel (who was hired to renovate the original Tatty’s) and I lived above the retail space with our first daughter - our lives truly revolved around the shop!”

Just as there was history attached to the cottage of the original Tatty’s shop, (it is still one of the remaining villa-turned-retail spaces on Ponsonby Road) the new Tatty’s has also had a colourful history.

To Aimee’s delight while renovating, the builders found a secret covered interior staircase, from when the building had started its life as a two-level majestic ballroom. It was important to Aimee and her team to include elements of the original Tatty’s in the new shop, as many regular customers loved the old shabby chic feel.

“My goal was to retain the positive aspects of the original shop, the colour, the displays and the quirkiness, but also to balance that with enough breathing space for customers, so not to get overwhelmed by the size and amount of clothing in the shop.”

Tatty’s is open seven days a week, with late night Thursdays. Drop off your items or pop in and have a browse, you won’t be disappointed.

TATTY’S, Ponsonby, T: 09 376 2761, High Street, T: 09 373 3126,