Asian flavours @ Ponsonby Foodcourt

Ponsonby Foodcourt is an iconic hub renowned for their diverse Asian flavours.

Everyone has a favourite cuisine - or a food they enjoy, whether spicy, hot, sweet or savoury. There are so many vegetarian options with fish, tofu, tempeh and vegetable dishes. It’s a perfect outing for groups and families.

Adapted to suit New Zealander’s taste buds, dishes that are cooked with chilli are kept at a mild level - unless you specifically choose Asian hot. Food styles are mixed with fresh New Zealand produce and of course spices from the particular region of choice. Every shop has their own specialty and can recommend what the favourite dishes are, so, don’t hesitate to ask them.

What’s fun is that everyone gets to eat what they particularly feel like. It’s also a great way to try new food and have a sample of your companion’s food. Meals cost around $12 - $18.

Open seven days a week: 11am-10pm. Parking is easy with covered parking available right beneath the food court.

PONSONBY FOODCOURT, 106 Ponsonby Road,