Glengarry’s A to Z of wine

This month at Glengarry we walk you through the world of wine, one letter at a time, here’s a sneak preview - the whole version? Well that’s in-store and online in our September Wineletter.

B is for balance - a wine is considered to be balanced when all is in harmony.

C is for chardonnay - one of the great white grapes.

D is for dog - Dog Point that is.

E is for egg - eggs for fermentation and maturation - old ‘technology’ that’s now new.

F is for flor - a veil of indigenous yeast that grows on the surface of wine, and it’s
a good thing.

G is for Gisselbrecht - our favourite Alsatians.

H is for half - because there’s a time and a place when a half bottle is just right.

I is for ice wine - or Inniskillin - Canadian ice wine.

J is for juracon - one of France’s oldest appellations.

K is for kidnapper Cliffs - Hawke's Bay’s brilliant wines.

L is for Loire - a treasure trove of white varieties.

M is for malolactic - the fermentation that takes harsh malic acids to lactic ones.

O is for organic - is organic the new black? Or is that green?

N is for Nautilus - small scale and high tech combined.

P is for Provence - rosé that is.

Q is for Quartz Reef - world class Central Otago wines.

R is for Rockburn - long noted for their superb wines.

S is for sweet - sweet wines that is - sauternes, tokaji or asti anyone?

T is for tannin - that firm sensation prevalent in red wine.

U is for unoaked - to oak or not, so many choices.

V is for volcanic - wines grown on a volcano, Mt Etna.

W is for Washington - Washington State wines.

X is for Ximenez - sweet, gorgeous sherry.

Y is for the Yarra Valley - top quality Australian wines from De Bortoli.

Z for Zinfandel. (LIZ WHEADON)