The big bike trip

Three Grey Lynn locals Freddie & Arthur Gillies with Sean Wakely are riding their push bikes from Indonesia to London, raising money for Leukaemia and Blood Cancer New Zealand.

Malaysia surpassed all expectations we'd had. The confluence of Malay, Indian and Chinese people created the perfect melting pot of culture and cuisine - at last some culinary diversity after our long slog through Java during Ramadan. The roads were smoother, the drivers more considerate, and the eastern islands provided some well deserved breaks between hot days on the bikes.

Come late July, it was time to cross into Thailand, and the hot and dry weather of Malaysia quickly dissipated. Wet season is going to be fun! We are now 3400km (at the time of writing) and making good headway north towards Bangkok. Please take time to donate to Leukaemia and Blood Cancer as we aim to raise $1 for every kilometre we ride (15,000km total).