Upclose & Personal - Tricia Lafferty

Trish Lafferty describes herself as a real estate matchmaker.

Tell us about your partner?
Kym Aikin. She is my incredible business partner. I could not imagine real estate without her by my side.

Where do you live?
Freemans Bay.

Do you have any children?
I have two step children aged 21 and 22.

Do you have any pets?
Yes, the most gorgeous Coco who insisted we take her in when she sat on our doorstep for four weeks, three years ago. She is our fur child.

Your best friend would say of you...
She said, “Honest, true and kind with a wicked sense of humour and the first person I would turn to in a crisis.”

Your mother would say of you…
Sadly Mum passed away in 2004 but I know she was proud that I was always true to myself and looked after others when they were in need.

What are your virtues?
Positivity and I’m hard working. Glass half full, never half empty sort of girl.

Gave up drinking and smoking six years ago so now I am practically a saint.

Who's your ultimate rock icon?
Although not a real rock chick, I would say Prince.

What’s your secret passion?
Photography. I secretly set up an Instagram account on the advice of a vendor who thought it would be a good avenue for my own photos. Up till recently I only had three followers! I am now confident for others to look at my work.

What's your secret talent?
Cleaning. I am a secret scrubber.

Where do you spend your holidays?
In New Zealand - Waiheke Island.

What's your perfect Sunday?
It would be having the day off, as we work most Sundays. In a perfect world, a long walk, a delicious long lunch - all good for the soul.

What were you going to be when you grew up?
Still haven’t! Someone I could be proud of.

How did you come to be a real estate agent?
I was in the film and television industry prior to real estate. I left because I was no longer passionate. Someone said to me “What are your hobbies?” I said, “Going to open homes.” The rest is history and I have never looked back!

If you weren’t a real estate agent you’d be…?
An actor or singer. Problem is I can’t do either.

Which is your favourite Ponsonby restaurant?
Namo for Japanese, SPQR, Farina for excellent Italian and Blue Breeze, all firm favourites.

Favourite Ponsonby fashion label?
Karen Walker (sold her home, wink).

Your best kept Ponsonby secret?
I have been known to go to the dairy in Three Lamps to get milk in my slippers with my PJs under my coat.

What's inspired you recently?
Each day I wake up and am inspired by those who think of others in need.

Your desert island distractions?
Reading, walking, swimming and music. No stress and no phone calls. Song - Simply the best by Tina Turner. I love movies with a passion. Mostly arthouse and those based on true events. Lion and Hidden Figures are examples from this year. Book - The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt.

The house is on fire and your family is safe - what do you save?
My cat, Coco. Everything else is replaceable.

I'd be lost without my...
Glasses, Kymmie and my best friend Deirdre.

One thing you have learned about life is…
Be true to yourself. Be the best version of yourself. Always seek to improve and never think you know it all. Most importantly be kind to others.

Your advice to Ponsonby real estate buyers?
Buy a home you connect with. Forget the lists and buy with your heart. When you find the home you love - go for it. Don’t overstretch beyond what you can comfortably afford.

Your advice to Ponsonby real estate vendors?
Never list with anyone you don’t trust to look after your best interests at all times. Always ask others who they would recommend. This is not a market where you list your home with anyone other than a very experienced agent with a solid track record. Do your research. Trust your instincts and choose an agent carefully.