Get your wellbeing in Balance @ Sweet7

There’s more to fitness than that elusive six-pack, the ability to tone and build muscle or run a marathon it's also the physical, emotional and mental wellbeing of the individual.

This philosophy is at the core of Sweet7, and is what sets the practice apart from other health and fitness studios. Sweet7 empowers you to achieve your health goals by focusing on seven key components: movement, thoughts, sleep, nutrition, hydration, community and breathing. In order to feel your best, the team at Sweet7 believes these seven principles need to be in balance. Once you get that balance right, your physical condition as well as your mental and emotional wellbeing will be, well, sweet.

The unique practice combines strength and postural conditioning, integrative nutrition as well as physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Situated on Brown Street, Sweet7 is also one of the only studios in New Zealand to offer ELDOA classes, specific spinal decompression exercises which create space and alignment in the spine and pelvis.

Led by physiotherapist Suzi Nevell and personal trainer/nutritionist Emma Brake, the team at Sweet7 brings a wealth of experience and professional expertise to their clients. They’re more than just qualified - each has had their fair share of wellbeing woes; experiences which have lead them to understand the integrated nature of health. Making that initial change towards a broader, more integrated approach to wellness takes time but the benefits can be life changing. If you’re committed, the team at Sweet7 will help you get back to your best. For all enquiries call Emma on M: 021 805 434.

SWEET7, 58 Brown Street,,