Wellness & wellbeing weekend @ Huka Lodge

Join three locals Megan May of Little Bird, yoga expert Nikki Ralston and Lucy Vincent of Sans for a fabulous weekend. Diary date: Friday 15 & Saturday 16 September. Ponsonby News talked to Lucy Vincent about the event.

Today our lives have become so busy and we’re all trying to simplify and not have so many plates in the air. Being a working mother, my to-do list is endless. To stay on top of it all and keep my head clear, I try to reduce as much clutter and noise around me as possible. This has influenced me hugely in the way we formulate and design our products. We’ve taken a multifunctional approach, using naturally-derived, facial-grade technologies. I only have two products in my bathroom. For instance, our Activator 7 Body + Hair + Face Oil, I use as a body oil, hair serum, eye makeup remover, a face serum at night, and I use it shave my legs. I like to think this approach helps reduce consumption.

How has being a New Zealander influenced you personally and professionally?
I think we are very connected to nature and the land. For me, it has informed my upbringing, my interests, and how I spend my time, whether that's rejuvenating or getting inspiration.

We understand that your range is very popular in Asia, in particular China. Has this surprised you and do you have plans to develop your brand presence in other markets?
Yes, the Asian market is very concerned with natural and organic products. Japan, especially, after all they have been through recently. They also have a minimalist approach to design, which may be why our packaging appeals.

At what age do you think we should consider a skin care routine, and is it ever too late to change?
I don't think there is any hard-and-fast rule, and it depends on what is going on with your skin. I remember my mum putting me on a full natural, health store brand routine when I was 14, which I overdid, and it ended up making my skin feel tight, dry and aggravated.

What is your favourite way to spend a holiday, and where are some of your favourite places to unwind?
I just had the best holiday at Bethells Beach Cottages with my kids. It is such a magical place and we are so lucky to have it on our doorstep. We did walks during the day and finished off in a Swedish hot tub overlooking the wild west coast. We made pizza at night in the woodfire oven and then snuggled up by the fire.

If you could give our readers one tip for improving their skin care routine, what would it be?
Simplify. I was chatting to a dermatologist the other day who said he sees a lot of inflammation and skin sensitivity from overly complicated skincare regimes. I think there is an idea that more is better when it comes to anti-ageing. However, using one product (not five) that contains scientifically sound ingredients (such as vitamin A, C or B) can be more effective. With our multifunctional approach, you use fewer products more frequently, meaning they stay fresh and retain their integrity. Formulations naturally deteriorate over time, and as they do they can become less potent and can cause inflammation and aggravate the skin.