Test driving the new Suzuki Swift 1.0T RS Auto

It was a perfect winter’s day - sunny, clear and still - to test drive the brand new Suzuki Swift 1.0T RS Auto.

What a cutie this little car is. I was already a Suzuki Swift convert having bought one brand new three years ago. In truth, I had to be ‘encouraged’ to do so because I had previously owned large, growly cars. Now, I love my wee white Swift and feel a tad guilty my head has been turned by this newer model. Mr PN and his partner are on their third Swift and still marvel at how they manage to load the monthly mags into the ample boot space of such a small car for delivery.

Among some of the many superb features of the Swift:

• Built in reversing camera for extra safety.

• New seven-inch touchscreen display giving intuitive access to
a range of multimedia features including hands-free phone.

• Apple Carplay allowing you to make phone calls, access music, messaging and get directions - all by voice command.

• Cruise control.

• Android Auto puts all things Google easily at your fingertips.

• I’m a big fan of the keyless entry, which eradicates the need for another bulky key on your key ring scratching the paintwork as you unlock. Instead, the key remains in your pocket.

Back cityside over the bridge we sashayed around the neighbourhood and raced up the Bullock Track effortlessly. This car has excellent hill zip.

Two of the features I personally like are the Weaving Alert warning system, and the Lane Departure warning - at 60km or faster this predicts the path of the vehicle if drifting, vibrates the steering wheel and flashes a visual warning. A huge tourist bus veered a tad too close to our lane and immediately the display flashed a warning. Great safety feature.

The seats are comfy, the inside is roomier and the back door handles are tucked neatly behind the rear doors lending a sleek, sporty look to the car.

It comes in a range of colours. We liked the silver best. Suzuki offers
a five Year Warranty Package and a five Year Suzuki Assist programme. Access to the Suzuki Benefits Programme is also available.

There is nothing quite like listening to music while you drive. Mr PN and I sang along to David Bowie as we drove along Ponsonby Road. The other thing Swift drivers appreciate is the fact the car can be filled up for an affordable $75. What’s not to like? How do they produce such a cool vehicle for the price?

As we pulled into my drive, my neighbour called out: “New car?”