The Little Free Food Pantry on Ponsonby Road

The Little Free Food Pantry idea is taking off over America, following on from the popularity of the Little Free Library.

People looking for a way to reach out to their less fortunate neighbours, are providing non perishable food and other items through these pantries. It becomes a neighbourhood focal point, stocked by those who have a little to spare.

"We Unitarians are aware of some homeless people in the vicinity, but expect that there are others, not necessarily homeless, who could use a little extra from time to time. We would like to invite our neighbours to contribute to this pantry, or to take from it, according to their need.

"Of course we don’t have the resources to supply on a scale like a food bank, but there are advantages to a small pantry. It is local; there are no set hours of operation; whether giving or receiving food, everyone approaches the pantry in the same way, thus reducing the stigma associated with being in need.

"The pantry has its own Facebook Page, this is another way it can foster community. We can share stories and communicate about any issues that might arise. There is a notebook in the pantry, for requests."

The pantry is located at 1a Ponsonby Road.