Grey Lynn’s Autobody Workshop has closed after 38 years of local service

Like many people, I was very sorry to hear that Crummer Road is about to lose an icon. An unassuming one perhaps, but as the owner of Grey Lynn’s Autobody Workshop, Rob Fitzjames has been running the show for over 38 years now.

If any of my friends ever needed a Panel-beater, I’d send them straight to Rob. In fact, my friend’s mother was a regular there until she could no longer drive. Most days, you’ll find someone you know there who has just dropped in for a yarn – with or without dents.

So when the Autobody Workshop closes its doors for the last time in the next week or so, Crummer Road won’t just be losing a panel shop, it will be losing a true character. And we’ll be losing a salt of the earth, bloody good bloke who was always there to help.

Kim Ellison, Ogilvy & Mather New Zealand