Coffee and a chat with Carl

Barfoot and Thompson Ponsonby Branch number one sales agent, Carl Madsen, approaches every day with an attitude of enthusiasm for getting out there and doing the best job that he can for his clients.

“I’m pretty low key as a person, really,” he adds. “I’m not looking for ‘rock star’ status. Real estate agents tend to have some pretty high profiles around here. I just like to get in, do a great job and make a difference. I take what I do incredibly seriously.”

And for Carl, everything is about the client.

“Absolutely everything I do is about my client. Selling a home is a personal journey. People sell for a whole range of reasons. I consider it a privilege to be part of that journey. And every journey is different, just as every one of my client’s needs are different. At every life stage, we meet different opportunities and challenges. My job is to make those transitions as easy and effortless as possible.

“The way I have been brought up is to always do your best, work hard, be honest and produce results. Basically, I just want to make people happy. It’s ingrained in me.

“As a person, I like to fly below the radar (it’s not all about me) and in doing so, I like to make sure that I take note of every detail along the way. I‘m the kind of guy who crosses every ‘t’ and dots every ‘i’. I don’t like to leave anything to chance and I don’t stop until I have finished what I set out to do.”

CARL MADSEN, M: 021 953 152,,