My Favourite Room - Rhys Mathewson

Comedian Rhys Mathewson lives in Ponsonby with his girlfriend, a couple who work in the theatre industry, and a filmmaker.

Rhys tells Ponsonby News: “I only moved into Ponsonby at the start of the year. It's so much easier than being over the bridge.

"My favourite room is The Classic comedy and bar. Okay, so it's not in Ponsonby, but since I've moved here it's the first time I've been in walking distance of my favourite place in the whole wide world.

"I use the room for doing stand up - which for me, is bringing joy to other people, making us all feel a bit more connected and in turn making me feel less existentially alone.

"It’s my favourite room because all of my best memories happened here. Gigs that went well, watching fellow comedians do things that would never happen again, and some late night karaoke when the punters had all left. I learned who I was in this place.

"My favourite thing in the room is the balcony - where the comedians watch from. It's nice to know that no matter how a gig is going, there are still people there on your side.”