Real bread @ Bread & Butter

At Bread & Butter bakery there is a strong belief in making real bread. Bread like it has been made for centuries, before preservatives, additives, ‘improvers’, and the application of industrial techniques left us with the ‘bread’ found on our supermarket shelves today.

At Bread & Butter Bakery all bread is made with certified organic flours, organic seeds and nuts, natural sea salt, filtered water, the fermenting starter culture of yeast and bacteria and most importantly, time. This type of real bread has been part of the human diet for thousands of years and is proven to be one of the best sources of minerals and fibre. You will find a great selection of traditional European breads, wheat-free sourdoughs and lots of different bread rolls on offer.

Their cakes and pastries, savouries and pies are made according to traditional recipes that place utmost importance on taste and original style. No pre-mixes and ready-to-use fillings are used in any of their products. In their pastry range they aim to use local, spray free, and organic produce where feasible and according to seasonal availability.

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